Pune District Education Association's
Baburaoji Gholap College , Sangvi ,Pune.
"NAAC Grade B " Estd. June 1989 | Inst.Code: AYU0149 | Affiliated to Savitribai Phule Pune University | Best College Award, SPPU | DBT Star College | State Government Award - "Jagar Janivancha" Twice | DST-FIST Financial Support | UGC Grants For COC | DRCP Community College| NIRF

Examination Committee

Examination and Evaluation Committee

Role :

  • To follow the rules and regulations laid by the Savitribai Phule Pune University pertaining to examination and evaluation work.
  • To deliver a high quality examination and assessment system i.e. efficient, fair and accessible.



  • Conduct orientation program for students about rules and regulation of examination laid by the Savitribai Phule Pune University.
  • Determine procedures for the conduct and supervision of examinations.
  • Designate responsibilities to all college staff for examination work.
  • Conduct all internal, term end and university examinations as prescribed by the Savitribai Phule Pune University.
  • Set the examination question papers and provide examination materials for college level examination.
  • Allot the assessment work to the respective teachers.
  • Prepare and issue the results of first year examinations.
  • Inform the university about unfair means cases in examination.
  • Determine procedures to enable the review and appeal for the results of examinations at the request of candidates.
  • Charge and collect fees for examinations.


Examination and Evaluation Committee

  • CEO :U

              Mr. P.R. Yawale (CEO)

  •  Committee Member :

            Mrs. S.D. Jadhav

            Mr. V.S. Ghare

            Dr. D.M. Mahajan

            Mr. A. B. Doke

            Dr. N.S. Giri

           Mr. P.B. Pangare

           Mrs. S.A. Kadam

           Mrs. A.M. Kadam

           Mr. D.S. Jambhulkar

           Mrs. D.A. Joshi

           Mr. S. M. Avhad

           Mr. S.S. Manave

          Ms. S. M. Chinchwadkar


Rigor and transparency in the internal assessment are achieved by

  • Setting up of Examination committee for transparent assessment.
  • Publishing the internal assessment components in advance through tutorial meetings, College Calendar, Notice Boards and announcement system
  • Circulating and publishing the internal assessment marks with break-up for components
  • Making valued answer scripts available for scrutiny
  • Giving opportunity for the students to approach three-tier grievances redressal committees - Department, College and University levels
  • By discussing the internal assessment in tutorial and class wise Parent Teachers Meetings
  • Maintaining and updating Student Profile

 ty Examinations: 

For information regarding University examination please http://exam.unipune.ac.in/  here.

Examination Grievances Redressal:

There is complete transparency in the internal assessment. Academic calendar for internal examination is prepared by College Examination Committee. College Examination Officer(CEO) monitors the schedule of internal examination and internal evaluation process. The student’s grievances related to internal examination are solved by College examination committee.


Redressal of Grievances at College Level Examinations:

  1. Student have to approach CEO.
  2. Student have to submit application to CEO.
  3. CEO will consult with respective department exam coordinator and teacher.
  4. After taking opinion from exam coordinator ,HOD and teacher the student will be informed.
  5. The process will be complete transparent.

Redressal of grievances at University level:

The queries or grievances related results, correction in mark sheets or other certificates issued by Savitribai Phule Pune University are handled by College Examination section. Applications regarding these are collected from students and are forwarded to the University. CEO monitors the progress of such cases so that students get their grievance redressed as early as possible.

Regarding revaluation and verification of papers, the application is collected and with necessary fee from the students and forwarded to University.  After getting feedback from University it is forwarded to the student immediately.