Pune District Education Association's
Baburaoji Gholap College , Sangvi ,Pune.
"NAAC Grade B " Estd. June 1989 | Inst.Code: AYU0149 | Affiliated to Savitribai Phule Pune University | Best College Award, SPPU | DBT Star College | State Government Award - "Jagar Janivancha" Twice | DST-FIST Financial Support | UGC Grants For COC | DRCP Community College| NIRF

Welcome To Economics Department

'Value Added Course"Jender Sensitivity"'

'Guest Lecture on ?Pre and Post Marital Counseling for all girls students "'

'gender sensitivity Activity 22-23'

'gender sensitivity Activity 22-23'

'RBI Visit -'

'department Activity '

'department Activity '

History of Department

  • Department of Economics was established in academic year 1993-94.
  • Post graduate department was started in academic year 2004-05.
  • D. Research Centre was started from 2012- 13.


To upgrade the knowledge of students in theory of economics and its application.



  • To provide knowledge of Indian economy to the students.
  • To help the students understand macro economic policies, international trade and other aspects  related to economics
  • To help the students about theoretical knowledge of economics.
  • To be aware of the changes in the global economy and Indian economy as well as state economy

Best Practices

  1. Department organized National Level Seminar topic on ?Indian Banking Sector: Issues and Challenges? Dated on 28th and 29th January, 2019.
  2. One Day Syllabus Restructuring Workshop for F.Y.B.Com and M.Com dated on  6th May, 2019.
  3. Participation in Intercalation Workshop dated on 14th Dec, 2019
  4. Value added Course ( Gender Sensitivity ) For F.Y.Com Students from 21st Dec,2019 to 18 Jan,2020 (15 Hours).
  5. Student?s Seminar On Budget-2020 dated on 8th Jan, 2020
  6. Prizes in Project Competition ( Science Exhibition and College Magazine )
  7. Field Visit at RBI Agricultural Training Center dated on 30th Jan, 2020


  •               M.A. (Economics), M.Com (Banking and Finance)
  •               A/V Room
  •               Departmental library 
  •               Research Centre

                                22  Associate research guides

                                55  Research students are registered

                                11  Students completed Ph.D. degree

                                06 students submitted Ph.D. thesis


  1. Orientation Program for F.Y.B.Com and F.Y.B.A dated on ? 25th Jun,2019 and 8th Jul,2019
  2. International Population day- Guest Lecture delivered by Dr.Ganesh Dhumal dated on ? 11th Jul,2019
  3. Establishment of Economics Study Circle dated on ?16th Jul,2019
  4. Inauguration  ?Arthwedh Wall Magazine?   dated on ? 18th Jul,2019
  5. Library Visit dated on ?21th Aug, 2019
  6. Lecture and In house Interview regarding Bank Interview dated on ?19th Oct,2019
  7. Participation in Content Writing Workshop dated on ?11th and 12th Dec,2019
  8. Attending guest lecture regarding opportunities in administration services dated on ?14th Dec,2020
  9. Guest Lecture on ?Pre and Post Marital Counseling for all girls students  dated on ?02th Jan,2020
  10. Google Class room training for staff and PG Students. dated on ?15th Jan,2020
  11. Guest Lecture on Sustainable Development delivered by Shri.Vinod Ranpise dated on ?17th Jan,2020
  12. Aptitude test and Lecture on Bank and financial sectors jobs with the help of BANKEDGE dated on ?23th Jan,2020
  13. Economics Department and Department of Lifelong Learning & Extension SPPU, Pune jointly organized One day student seminar on ?Union Budget: 2020 It?s various aspects? dated on -8th Feb ,2020

Aim & Objectives-


  • To upgrade the knowledge of students in theory of economics and its applications.


  • To provide knowledge of economics to the students.
  • To help the students understand macro economic polices, international trade and other aspects related to economics.
  • To develop research activities among the students.
  • To make the students aware of changes in global economy.