Pune District Education Association's
Baburaoji Gholap College , Sangvi ,Pune.
"NAAC Grade B " Estd. June 1989 | Inst.Code: AYU0149 | Affiliated to Savitribai Phule Pune University | Best College Award, SPPU | DBT Star College | State Government Award - "Jagar Janivancha" Twice | DST-FIST Financial Support | UGC Grants For COC | DRCP Community College| NIRF

Welcome To English Department

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'Revised English Syllabus Workshop'

History of Department

 The Department of English was established in 1994. It was formed to meet the increasing demand for English. The department comprises of 3 full-time faculty members (aided) and two members working on clock hour basis (unaided) with strong academic inclination and total dedication. The Department also runs a Post Graduate Centre since 2002. The Department has been showing continuous growth and progress and has receiving good response for the autonomous spoken English classes. Two Foreign Languages viz. French and German are also co-ordinated by the Department of English.         

            The department is in the path of success at every point. A number of activities/workshops are conducted every year to enhance the personality of the students. Besides the Central Library, the Department owns a departmental library with more than 150 books, CDs, DVDs. Books are bought from the British Library sale of withdrawn books. Some books were donated by the faculty and the alumni. A Remedial course and bridge course are also designed for weaker students. A preparatory course for fresher?s attempting to take special English was also started by the Department. Two faculty members have been awarded Ph. Ds and one is pursuing the same. One faculty has obtained M. Phil. Four Minor Research projects  have been completed.

             The Department also has a Language Laboratory comprising of 10 machines with requisite software. The Department also has its own space along with a classroom.


  • The overall aim of the department is to develop four skills of language such as Listening, Reading, Speaking and writing and to understand appreciate different forms of literature such as Drama, Short stories, poetry and Fiction.
  • The Department aims at removing fear and dread of English and encouraging students to communicate in English. It also works towards building confidence and inculcating reading habits amongst students.


  • To develop Critical Thinking among the students
  • To develop Comprehension Skills among the students
  • To develop Effective Communication among the students
  • To develop Social Interaction of the students
  • To develop Effective Citizenship
  • To make the students understand the importance of Ethics
  • To make the students understand the importance of Environment and Sustainability

Best Practices

  • Activities such as workshops, programs, guest lectures, discussion. and particularly counseling so that students gradually become aware of the concept of gender equality
  • The department further wants to instill confidence and ability in them by teaching them various skills including soft skills, entrepreneurships, communication skills, management skills and leadership skills
  • The underlying concept of these activities is maximum empowerment of girl students so that our girl students can compete with confidence at the top level of professional and personal life
  • College is committed to the noble cause of gender equality and has been undertaking several program towards this end.
  • The department encourages students for creative writing through Ambrosia wall paper magazine on the given theme.
  • The department conducts a bridge course for the students who opt for English as a special subject
  • Film shows based on syllabus are screened for the students.
  • Educational excursions to nearby places are organized every year.
  • The department has a self funded library with 150 books, journals and thesis and reference books.


  • Two university level seminars were organized by the department in collaboration with the university of Pune.
  • The department has organized an International workshop on ?Use of ICT? ON 12th October 2015.
  • The department has also organized one day university level workshop on restructuring of Syllabus on 24th August 2019.
  • The department has signed Memorandum of understanding (MoU) with National Taipei University Taiwan, Jorhat Government College Assam for academic and research development of faculty and students.
  • A cluster of English language and Literature (CELL) has been formed by signing a MoU among ten different rural and urban colleges in and around Pune City. Faculty and students exchange program is the main motto of this activity.
  • The department has enrolled students from different states with diverse culture such as Tripura, Assam, Ladakh and Punjab.
  • The department coordinates two certificate courses in foreign languages viz. French and German
  • Spoken English classes are also conducted by the department

Student Achivements

  • Rajkumar Pujari bagged National karate championship
  • Pramod Ambike bagged National championship
  • Rashmi Yadav  participated in Republic Day Parade at New Delhi