Distinctivenes of the college


Baburaoji Gholap College is located in semi-urban area of Pimrpi Chinchawad Municipal Corporation. Students from rural area as well as urban area takes education under various streams. Physical Education is essential component of college education. Sports Department of the college provides physical education to students as well as training for various sports such as Kabbadi, Valley Ball, Kho-Kho, athletics, running, long jump and support to training for Hockey, Kaykin, High jump. Every year college students represent college team and individual at zonal, university, state and national level. In year 2021-22 Sport department took efforts to increase participation of students in college, University, state and International level sports.

College students participated in 25 intercollegiate events with 2598 number of participation and organised 27 sports event in a year. In terms of a achievements, five students are recipient of 9 medals in shooting and Hockey in Khelo India national games . Prestigious achievement is 18 th Rank in International 2022 Asia Triathlon Cup (water Polo), Nepal. Overall 27 students are recipient of 29 medal at University, National and International level events. Our college students grabbed 9 gold, 1 silver and 9 bronze medals at national and university level in individual and team events. The College received highest awards and registered number of participation in maximum number of sports activities ever in the college history.